Wire mesh shelves for pallet racks

Wire mesh shelves provide a stable support to various types of goods.
They enable reliable storing of pallets or boxes increasing safety of your warehouse.
All panels are designed and manufactures in accordance with strict norms and standards.
The outer edges of panels are secured from the outside by a wire preventing from injury.
The whole surface of the panel is covered by shiny galvanic Zinc – in factory we do not use pre-galva wires.

Available dimensions:

Width: 880, 980, 1080 mm
Depth: 1050, 1100, 120 mm

Load range 200 – 1200 kgs
All panels are based on omega-profiled sheet reinforcements.
Mesh dimension: 100 x 50 mm; 50 x 50 mm
To be installed on crossbeams: 50 mm
Surface: shiny Zinc